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Honduras announced Thursday that it intends to support the Palestinian UN bid for statehood in September, prompting the Israeli Foreign Ministry to withdraw its ambassador from the country for consultation, Israeli news site Walla reported.

The announcement came during a conversation between Palestinian Authority Minister of Foreign Affairs Riyad Al-Malki and Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, the Israeli news site reported.

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Korean coalition calls for BDS, cancellation of fighter jet sale to Israel

The full statement from the coalition of Korean organizations follows:

The Republic of Korea (ROK) Government must stop T-50 (the super sonic advanced trainer Jet) export plan to Israel immediately!

According to the daily newspaper report, in 20th July, Hagai Toplanski, the Operation Commander of the IAF (Israel Air Force) will visit Korea. His visit is in order to finalize the purchase of the T-50, which was produced and developed byKIA (Korean Aerospace Industries).

It is our firm belief that the sale of T-50s to Israel directly contributes to and helps maintain the brutal military occupation that Palestinians having been living under. Therefore, we demand the ROK Government and the corresponding enterprises do not go ahead with the agreement.

In 2002, Israel and South Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding, regarding future cooperation in weapons dealings. KAI which develops and produces the T-50, Lockheed Martin of the United States (co-developer of this plane), and IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), a government-managed aircraft and weapons manufacturer, made a promise which gives preference to the T-50 over other aircrafts to be the next Israeli Air Force Trainer.

After this, the sale of the T-50 to Israel has become a great desire of the ROKGovernment and the corresponding enterprises. The results of this sale could be that of a great honour to Korea and its munitions industry as it would certainly upgrade its position as an International Arms Exporter and it would certainly experience the subsequent economic benefits.

Presently the Government of Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, is strongly pushing its politics of aggression, territorial expansion and non-compliance with International Law. In such a situation, we are afraid that the behaviour of ROKGovernment will result not in honour but in disappointment from the international community.

We are also afraid that this agreement and the sale of the T-50 signals increased cooperation between Munitions Industries of ROK and Israel. The T-50 is already equipped with electronic devices made by Elbit Systems, and if the initial order of T-50s is expanded, this will bring even greater benefit to Israel.

For years, the Palestine people have resisted the Illegal Israeli occupation and Violations of Human-Rights. They have called for the International Community to join their campaign of boycotting Israel. The campaign has seen great success and numerous numbers of conscientious citizens, social associations, enterprises, and governments have answered this call. In light of such a situation, we strongly condemn the ROK’s decision to sell the T-50 to Israel as both foolish and morally bankrupt.

According to another source, with the cooperation of IAI, there is another plan to convert the T-50 into a light fighter-bomber which would include more superior radar and weapon systems. When actually Israel buys the T-50, it is not difficult to imagine what it will be used for. We will see such a situation develop in which a fighter-bomber which is produced by Korean companies is used in the military operations of Israel, and will become a tool for murdering Palestinians and the citizens of neighboring countries.

We cannot to accept such an awful future, and therefore we cannot support the current deal regarding the sale of the T-50.

Many will not remember it, but in December of 1981, Foreign minister of the ROKGovernment declared, at the UN Palestine solidarity week, We want to express our fully support and solidarity to the Palestinians ideals and legitimate struggles towards self-determination’ and Israel must evacuates from all Arab territory which it occupied by military means in 1967, including Jerusalem’.

Nowadays the ROK Government is proud of Korea’s good standing in the International Community, but they have to recognize that this position greatly originated from their statements for world peace and justice, just like the above declaration for Palestine.

We demand once again that the ROK Government and the corresponding enterprises must abandon their dream to sell the super sonic advanced trainer to Israel. And they must change their diplomatic behavior to provide the roots for peace to the Middle East society.

July 20th, 2011

Undersigned organizations:

All Together

Catholic Humanrights Committee

Democratic Legal Studies Association

Imagination for International Solidarity

Imagine Peace

KOREA Christian Network for Peace of Palestine

National Council of Korea YMCAS KOREA Center for Life-Peace

New Progressive Party (South Korea)

Palestine Peace Solidarity @ Seoul, S.Korea

People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy


Sarangbang: Group for Human Righs

Wepon Zero

Without War

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