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An Uighur man waits for customers at his shoe store in Kashgar, Xinjiang province August 3, 2011. The deserted streets and shuttered shops in the usually bustling Chinese areas of Kashgar city stand as testament to the splintered ethnic lines in the western region of Xinjiang. Days after Uighur assailants stormed a restaurant, killed the owner and a waiter, then hacked four people to death on a nearby street over the weekend, Han Chinese residents — the country’s predominant ethnic group but a minority in Kashgar — remained on edge. 

Israel :Women banned from economic conference Haredi, secular women refused entry to event organized by ultra-Orthodox newspaper at Jerusalem International Convention Center. 'It was humiliating and incomprehensible,' one of them says. Organizers: Women excluded for modesty reasons

Two Ynet reporters invited to cover the event tried to enter the auditorium accompanied by a woman, but were stopped by the security guards.

“It was frightening to discover that I am not allowed to enter a public place just because I am a woman,” S. recounted the incident. “I’m very angry at the business bodies taking part in such an event. This is a dangerous phenomenon for the Israeli society, and I hope people wake up before it’s too late.”

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