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But justice? As long as the killers are alive – however old they are, however long ago their crimes were committed – justice would seem to be served by punishment. John Demjanjuk’s trial in Germany this year is a case in point. Reconciliations and amnesties are a postponement of justice in the hope that the victims’ relatives will die off and their descendants will lose all interest in the outrages of the past. Unlikely. Who now remembers the Armenians, Hitler asked? Millions of people, is my reply.
Robert Fisk (Article-Prosecuting War Crimes?)

Totally random Comparison :

First two Pictures “The inside of a cell is seen at the Halden prison in the far southeast of Norway,Halden jail could house Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik, who killed dozens in a bomb attack and shooting spree, for decades, according to media reports. Breivik’s lawyer said his client appeared to be a madman, but it was too early to say if Breivik would plead insanity at his trial, expected to be a year away. Sorce:Reuters … 

3&4th Pictures “i don’t have to say it’s “Guantanamo”

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