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Seven people were killed in Syria yesterday: three in Hama, one in Bukamal, one in Dandre and two in Nawa, near Daraa.

In Hama, electricity is reportedly back on in some neighbourhoods but heavy security deployment remains in place, with checkpoints at most entrances to the city. Residents are still keeping to their homes, and people say there are shortages of food and fuel supplies.

Hama’s central Assi square was cleaned up by the government to prepare it for a pro-government demonstration on Friday, according to local activists.

Deir ez-Zoor and Homs were the scene of intense crackdowns on Thursday, and the former remains under seige.

According to activist groups..


Tanks took over the main square in the city of Hama and electricity and telephone phone lines were cut yesterday as President Bashar al-Assad’s regime showed no sign of halting the military assault against an uprising now in its fifth month.

Activists said at least three tanks took up position in Assi square, which had been thronged by hundreds of thousands of anti-regime protesters in the weeks before the latest crackdown.

For the past four days, Syrian troops have tightened their siege on Hama, sending residents fleeing for their lives. The death toll since Sunday has reached around 100 people, but the exact figure is difficult to verify. Activists reported a new military push early yesterday, with fresh explosions and machine-gun fire heard in many parts of the city.


At least 24 civilians were killed by security forces across Syria, including 10 after evening prayers on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a human rights activist said on Tuesday.

"Ten martyrs fell and several people were wounded by gunfire from security forces during protests in several Syrian towns after the ‘taraweeh’ evening prayers" on Monday’s first day of Ramadan, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights chief Rami Abdel Rahman said, adding that the day’s death toll was 24.

He told AFP in Nicosia that six people were killed when thousands of protesters turned out in Irbin northeast of the capital, one was killed near Damascus, two in Latakia and one in the central city of Homs.

More than 150 people were taken in for questioning on Monday evening, Abdel Rahman added.

Al-Jazeera ..


Syrian tanks shell Hama, heaviest barrage of assault-witnesses

Syrian tanks shelled residential neighbourhoods all over Hama on Monday in the heaviest barrage of a two-day attack on the city to crush street demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad, witnesses said. 


Intense shelling began after Ramadan evening prayers, concentrating on districts near the al-Bilal roundabout in the northwest of the city, the Jarajmeh district in the east and northern neighborhoods near the Omar bin al-Khattab mosque, they said.


The shells are falling once every ten seconds," one of the witnesses told Reuters by phone, and the thump of artillery and explosions could be heard in the background. (Reporting by Khaled Yacoub Oweis, Amman newsroom, editing by Tim Pearce)


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