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around 5700 demonstrators marched in the rain after calls by leftist unions and a communist group for protests against the bailout deal, police said.

Thirty people were detained for questioning and two were arrested.

Around 2000 people demonstrated in Greece’s second city Thessaloniki, police said.

The two main unions, GSEE and Adedy, had called the protests over new salary and pension cuts required under the latest bailout package.

I came to support our Greek friends but also to see what might happen in Italy soon," said Bruno Matteo, a 25-year-old Italian joining his Greek girlfriend at the protest.

They just put money from one pocket to another, back and forth, while no one thinks of people who need to survive," Mr Matteo said.

They can put you in jail
but not your dreams and hopes

Agglos Kloukas, 27, explains their philosophy. “We try to sing about the way we live in Greece today – about racism and everyday life. About the social issues people are facing," he says.

The crisis has helped protest music and more political lyrics come more into the main stream," adds Manos Zahariadis, 26.

It is a change, they believe, in a culture where for too long people have been content to ignore those describing Greece’s mounting problems.

People have stopped just staying in and watching television and have gone out on the streets. They are talking about different things,” says Achileas Tosikean. “We’ve all been going to the demonstrations.

(Greek Debt activists Hip Hop)

After 60 days of occupation, Greek police forcefully evicted the protest camp at Syntagma Square in Athens. This is the defiant reaction of the protesters.


Videos of the eviction here. The following is a message from

The Square is Us and We Are Everywhere

General assembly at Syntagma Square, 6:00 o’clock

Like thieves, who fear the people’s outcry and public shame, The police forces entered the square at 4 am.

The district attorney and work crews of the Municipality of Athens invaded the square, and began a wholesale destruction and removal of tents and the infrastructure of the various work groups of the square. They then took 13 people into custody, 8 of which are now considered arrests.

We condemn the ban on communication of lawyers with those held at the police station in Omonoia. (For this reason, there is no clear picture of the number of arrestees or who they are).

Activists who were present in resistance to the annihilation of the square, saved what material they could and took videos of what was happening, scenes which make it plain that we are living under a cowardly democracy and a justice system that functions on the basis of the law of the jungle.

Let them realise the obvious truth:

The square is all of us, thousands of ordinary people who stand up to a cynical, antipopular, antidemocratic, corrupt economic and political status quo. A status quo, that in desperation, facing its own failure, is trying to save itself in any way possible.

We will not become its victims.

We do not fear, we do not submit.

We inform them that they are fooling themselves if they think that “cleaning” and making a fortress of Syntagma square, they will protect themselves. There are tens of squares now all over Athens, with their own general assemblies, hundreds of squares all over Greece. We are in every neighborhood, along with every citizen of this country.

We are the millions of society set against a handful of a corrupt and subservient minority who try to pretend they have strength by using the police, mercenaries of the power elite.

We are everywhere.

Whatever they do they cannot makes us leave. The streets and the squares, like jobs, productive structures, the wealth of this country and our rights belong to us. They are not for sale. We will continue to demand their return to the people.

We have said it before and we say it again:

We will not leave until they do.

Everyone at Syntagma Square today Saturday 30th of July at 6 p.m.

The terrorism of this dictatorial goverment, the IMF and memorandum, shall not pass.

You do not scare us. You infuriate us.

We continue the fight peacefully, with determination and creativity.

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