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Anti-ACTA protests spread across Europe…..

Thousands rally against anti-counterfeiting trade agreement. (AlJazeera Coverage):

Thousands took to the streets in cities across Europe on Saturday to protest the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, also known as ACTA.

ACTA is a global effort to protect intellectual property rights by banning counterfeit goods and online piracy. Critics say it would severely limit net freedom and could also have life-threatening consequences when it comes to pharmaceutical and agricultural patents.

While at least 30 governments initially signed the the agreement, some European countries are putting their decisions on hold. Most recently, Germany announced on Friday that it would delay signing the accord in order to “carry out further discussions.”

Here’s a look at Saturday’s protests:


Tallinn, Estonia: Video

Sofia, Bulgaria: Video

Munich, Germany: Video

Oldenburg, Germany:
Nurnberg, Germany:

French boat to Gaza blocked in Crete...

A lone French yacht carrying activists hoping to run the Israeli blockade on Gaza was on Thursday blocked in Crete by the Greek coast guard when it stopped to refuel, an organizer said.

"The Dignite/Al Karama was taken to Sitia in Crete by the Greek coast guard after being stopped in a nearby port while it was refueling," Claude Leostic told AFP by telephone from Paris.

"The authorities are stopping the boat from setting sail for various administrative reasons," Leostic said.

The boat, which is carrying 12 pro-Palestinian activists, had sneaked out of a Greek port early on Tuesday in defiance of a ban on any ships setting sail from Greece in an attempt to run the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

All the other boats which had been expected to participate in a 10-vessel international aid flotilla to Gaza are currently being blocked from leaving ports in Greece, while an Irish boat, which organizers say was sabotaged, is undergoing repairs in Turkey.

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Syrian forces shoot dead 10 in Hama: activists ...

(Reuters) - Forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad shot dead 10 people on Tuesday in the Syrian city of Hama, activists said, and France called on the United Nations to adopt a firm stance in the face of “ferocious armed repression.”…

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal said the world could not stand by “inactive and powerless” in the face of the violence.


"We are hoping that the Security Council adopt a clear and firm position and we call on all the members of the Security Council to take responsibility in light of this dramatic situation with a Syrian population subjected day after day to an unacceptable, ferocious and implacable armed repression."


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